With the recent focus on decreasing response times to airshow accidents, it has become apparent that traditional emergency services are in most cases not nearly fast nor equipped well enough to do the job that is needed. FROST was created to service the unique needs created by the dynamics of an airshow, and to focus on one duty – SAVING LIVES.

Our police, fire, and First Responsder service providers are nothing short of heroic, and it is out of respect for them and the tremendous responsibility that an airshow places upon them that FROST has been brought to life. Our teams are specially trained to deploy rapid, industry-specific response to airshow incidents. We have selected high-quality, lightweight rescue and communication equipment that will allow us lightning fast mobility without compromising effectiveness.

Numerous items make our elite responders critically equipped to deal with these events:

  • Familiarization with FROST’s comprehensive catalog of airshow performer aircraft and their many emergency egress systems.
  • Trained to be first on the scene within 30 seconds with our only goal being to preserve human life
  • Priority to initiate life-saving procedures in preparation for the arrival of onsite ARFF, EMS, CFR, etc.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art rescue equipment selected and tested in the airshow environment
  • Prepared and equipped for both land and water rescue
  • Our staff are known and trusted by the airshow industry, because this is where we live

FROST has assembled our core team and will begin offering our services to North American airshows at ICAS 2016. We have our first round of funding secured and are actively seeking show contracts and sponsorships. From a feasibility standpoint, we are now able to deliver the first season and expect to expend to multiple teams in the near future as the concept takes hold.

Beyond the obvious enhancement to safety, some of the many benefits of having a FROST team at your airshow are:

  • Enhancement to public safety is an extreme positive media draw
  • Potential for reduced insurance premiums
  • Access to sponsorships that may have otherwise not been interested
  • Peace of mind for city and airport officials who may be concerned about the perceived risk of airshows

In summary, FROST is a safety execution team that is specifically designed and equipped to save the lives of airshow performers who are involved in an accident during an airshow. We have one purpose: save the life of that performer with the fastest, most effective response possible. With our industry-specific design, hand-picked team, and intimate knowledge of the aircraft and people in this industry, FROST is ready to bring a new level of safety and confidence to airshows.

Meet Your New Best Friends – Our FROST Team!

Joe Sarber
Joe SarberCOO / Response Technician
Joe Sarber was born April 20th 1980 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Son of Robin Baker and Joe Sarber, Jr. As a child, he attended many airshows with his father and grandfather throughout the state where is knowledge of aircraft began to grow.
In 2010 Joe began his career in the fire service as a full-time firefighter in Paulding County Georgia. After successfully completing NPQ firefighter 1 and 2, he also started as the General Manager of Paulding Jet Center where is love of aviation continued. In the fall of 2012 Joe got started in the airshow industry where he was the Ramp boss for the Salute America airshow and continued in 2013 and 2015. In December of 2014, Joe formally accepted the job as Crew Chief for Jim Tobul Airshows and the “Korean War Hero “, where he continues to serve today.
Joe serves as the Chief Operations Officer for FROST. “I have been able to take my love of the fire service and aviation, and combine them to make a difference in the airshow industry. We are able to go in to communities having airshows and enhance/Augment the local fire department”.
Joe is married to his wife Gentry, father to his 2 children Mia & Eli and resides in Dallas GA.
Robert Yanacsek
Robert Yanacsek
Robert is a resident of North Carolina, and worked many years in line service at the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport.
After serving 22 years in the Air Force, Robert continued to serve, this time in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept., where he received advanced first aid/CPR training to accompany the combat first aid training he learned in the USAF. He is also trained in fire, rescue, and airport emergency response.
Robert is a warbird owner, and was the organizer of the Warriors and Warbirds Airshow in Monroe. He crewed the C46 Commando, “Tinker Belle” for several seasons. He has traveled extensively on the airshow circuit, and has very close relationships with many in the airshow community, which he calls home.