Performers Who Endorse FROST

These airshow performers know that their lives could depend on how quickly First Responders get to them in the event of an accident. They have added their names to FROST’s list of endorsers to show their support.

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First Responder Endorsements

Below are just a sample of the endorsements our services have received from our clients. Their contact information is available upon request!

Rome / Floyd Fire Department Endorsement

Rome / Floyd Fire Department has provided CFR for Wings Over North Georgia
Airshow since its inception in 2012. As the I/C for the last 6 years I have been afforded the
opportunity to work with outside CFR units through the years and they have all been top notch
but there was one element that we always lacked and that was speed. FROST was able to fill
that final element; during our pre-show drill FROST was able to have their first apparatus on the
scene within 12 seconds and all other apparatus on scene within 24 seconds.
The FROST team (Joe, Bob, Mark and Alex) displayed professionalism, cooperation and
seamless communications with me during the show. They fell right into place with Rome /
Floyd County Fire Department in an effort to provide the most effective CFR possible for the
show. The team did not try to take over the structure or MO of the current CFR but did provide
great enhancement to the current CFR in place.
I hope I have the opportunity to work with this team of professionals again and I would highly
recommend to any event organizers to include airshow, air racing, motor sports, etc. to seriously
consider adding them to your current CFR protection.

Clete Bonney
27 year career Fire Fighter and currently Battalion Chief with Rome / Floyd County Fire

Glynn County Fire and Rescue

May 15, 2017

Dear To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Elizabeth A. VanBuren and I am the Division Chief of Professional Standards and Compliance with Glynn County Fire Rescue. I was the Incident Commander during the Wings over the Golden Isles Airshow that was held here in Glynn County March 25 and 26, 2017.

During this event I had the opportunity to work with Team Frost. This team is very professional and my crews that worked with them really enjoyed getting to know them as well as working with them. They took the time to introduce themselves to all shifts and explained who they were and what they were about. They took the time to answer everyone’s questions and had information books for all crews that were working in the field.

This team works great together with the ARFF personnel and thanks to their readiness and professionalism the Air Boss was greatly impressed with the response time during the drill that occurred during the airshow practice.

I would not hesitate to call on this group of professionals in the future and my personnel looks forward to working with them again in  future airshows.  


Elizabeth A. VanBuren

Division Chief of Professional Standards and Compliance